What are the rules for getting a personalised number plate?

24/05/2022 15:44
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If you're considering purchasing a personalised number plate, then you’ll want to know where to start. The team at Discount Registrations are here to help. Whether you want to incorporate a family name, a nickname or memorable date, there are literally millions of personalised number plates gracing the UK’s roads. Most are displayed on used cars, but you’ll be surprised at just how many are bought as an investment or show item and are never actually fitted to a car.

We follow the below guidelines and walk you through the process to ensure you have the personalised plate you want.


It’s important to ensure you follow the rules when it comes to using a personalised number plate on your vehicle. These include:

Displaying letters and numbers in a standardised font - italics are not allowed.

Not using the bolt fixtures to alter the appearance of letters or numbers.

Making sure each character measures 79mm in height and 50mm in width - the only exception being the number ‘1’ or letter ‘I’.

Letters and numbers must appear in black print and the stroke of each character should be 14mm. 

Spacing between each character needs to be 11mm, as with the margins around each of them. 

Not using numbers that insinuate the vehicle is newer than it is. 

Avoiding using certain letters, such as ‘Q’ which is reserved for kit cars or custom vehicles. 

Not following these rules could land you with a fine of up to £1,000, and even have your personalised number plate confiscated if you are caught.


What kind of number plate can I get?

Choosing a cheap personalised number plate can be a challenge. The DVLA has numerous numbering conventions that all motorists must follow when selecting a discount personalised registration plate. Keeping track of all the permitted permutations can be tough. Sometimes you think that you've come up with a qualifying number only to find out that it falls foul of the rules.

With our search facility at Discount Registrations, you no longer have to worry about whether your chosen registration will be allowed. All you have to do is type in the plate you want, and we'll automatically show you all available, closely-matching plates that you can buy today.

Need some inspiration for choosing a cheap private number plate? Look at some of these ideas.

 *         Name. Choose a number plate that says a person’s name.

 *         Be Exclusive. Tell people that you’re “number one” or the “master.”

 *         Animals. Love dogs? Cats? Let your registration plate communicate your passion.

 *         Hobbies. Football, golf, polo - you can include them all in your personalised registration.

 *         Cars. If you’re a petrolhead, include car terms like V8 or V12, “turbo” and “power.”

 *         Family. Talk about your relations: “bro,” “sis,” “mum” and “dad.”

 *         Jobs. Tell people what you do: “doc,” “vet,” and “law.”


Start the process by using our search engine and start the process today or if you have any further questions then just get in touch.