Number Plate Options & Choices

Here is a quick guide to some of the types of plate we have available over and above the normal UK styles and layouts:

Dateless Plates

Number Plates such as TPT 1 and ED 6 are dateless plates that do not contain an age identifier letter on the right side.

Reversed Dateless Plates

Dateless Number Plates like 6 KH and 26 ED will normally have a slightly less value to the classic cherished number plates as above, but are still very popular.

Prefix Number Plates

These number plates have the year identifier letter at the beginning of the registration eg S1 XSB or L901 GVP. They are very popular.

Suffix Car Number Plates

These registrations have the year identifier letter at the end of the numberplates. Examples such as VEV 1L or WOB 881E are suffix registration numbers.

Northern Ireland Car Registration Numbers

Registration numbers such as BAZ 354 or BIG 7136 are Northern Ireland number plates and can be put on most vehicles as they do not have an age restriction.