Help & FAQs

What happens after I place my order?

When ordering, you can select to transfer the registration yourself with the DVLA directly, or you can choose for us to do that for you. 

  • If you choose to deal with the transfer yourself, the retention certificate with full instructions will normally come through to you in 3-7 working days from the date of ordering. This will normally be valid for 10years, and you can forward the documentation to the DVLA yourself within the 10years to enable them to transfer the registration for you.
  • If you choose for us to deal with the transfer for you, a transfer pack will be sent to you which you simply return to us in the postage paid envelope supplied to you. We will then deal with the reregistering of the vehicle with the new number plate, organise for the tax and mot to be changed over, and arrange for the reissue of the V5C Log Book to you with the new number plate on it. 

How long does it take until I can put my new plate on my car?

The average transfer time for us dealing with the transfer for you is between 1-15 working days from receipt of your details. We do ensure that every transfer is completed as quickly as possible. We cannot commence the transfer until we have received ALL the required documents. We take great care of all documents received but cannot accept any responsibility for their safety once forwarded to the Department for Transport. However, it is extremely rare that documents are lost on route or by them.

Why are some personal number plates transfer times faster than others?

If you are buying a registration that has never previously been issued or assigned to a vehicle, the transfer usually takes between 1-7 working days. This is because no donor vehicle needs inspecting by the Department for Transport. These registrations are held on a Certificate of Entitlement, carrying us as the ´Purchaser´ and our customer as the ´nominee´ thus minimising the amount of administration required.

Where the registration has previously been assigned to another vehicle there may be a need for an inspection of the donor vehicle prior to completing the transfer. In order to make a vehicle ready for transfer, the donor vehicle must be taxed and must hold a current MOT certificate. These documents may take a few weeks to reach us from the donor. We will always keep you informed of any delays.

In addition to the time required to obtain the above documents, the governing bodies themselves require ample time to process transfer applications.

Can I put any personalised plate on my vehicle?

The rule is; you cannot make a vehicle look newer/younger than it actually is by transferring a newer/younger year letter. For example, PJ55 PAJ cannot be transferred to a vehicle originally registered as PJ02 PAJ as this would make it look younger. The same applies to prefix registration marks. Vehicle registration marks that do not contain a year identifier may be assigned to a vehicle of any age.

What happens to my current registration when I put a new registration number on?

It´s automatically made void, unless you pay the Department for Transport a fee to retain it.

Can I get my old registration back if I transfer my registration to a different car?

Your old registration is normally reassigned to your vehicle if you transfer your new registration off. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Should you wish to definitely keep your existing registration, you can apply to put it onto a retention certificate for a period of 10 years at additional cost. We can organise all this for you.

If the recipient vehicle already has a private registration mark, can I transfer both at the same time?

Yes, no problem, this is a double transfer. We can arrange to transfer onto a different vehicle or for the registration to be put onto retention.

Does my vehicle need to be inspected?

Not usually. However, if, for example, there has been a change of construction of the vehicle, the authorities may then want to inspect it. You would be notified if this is required.

Can you make a set of plates which are spaced differently?

It is against the law in Britain to supply such plates.

Do your plates advertise your business?

It is against the law in Britain to supply such plates. By law the supplying manufacturer has to have their name and postcode on the number plates. All our plates are supplied with our name and postcode made as discreetly as legally possible.