Hello and welcome to Discount Registrations, the UK’s premier personalised registration broker. We began Discount Registrations in 2014 with a view to offering people private number plates low prices. Since we opened, we’ve sold thousands of personalised registrations to customers up and down the country.

Our company is founded on three core principles: ease-of-use, security, and low prices.



Choosing a personalised registration plate is not always an easy process. Not only do you have to think of a message (for instance a name, your favourite hobby, your pet etc.), but you also have to do so in a way that conforms to the DVLA naming conventions. It can be challenging to know which numbers to substitute for which letters, and vice versa, as well as which combinations are allowed.

We immediately set about creating tools that would make choosing a personalised registration plate easier. Over the years, we’ve developed our smart search tool. All customers have to do is type in their perfect number plate, and the system will return a host of suggestions, many of which with letter and number combinations you would never have thought of yourself. The search tool not only preserves the sentiment of your search terms but also offers humorous and inventive alternatives based on which plates are available.

We also knew from experience that dealing with the DVLA can sometimes be difficult. We wanted to make this easier for our customers. Our highly trained and experienced staff can handle these issues on a buyer's behalf, streamlining the process of getting documentation and putting a new reg on the road.



We realised that security was a significant concern for people looking to buy number plates. That’s why we developed a secure website through which customers can buy them safely online.

Buying personalised number plates can be a tricky process if you try to do it privately. Our team of specialised consultants is well-versed in dealing with agencies like the DVLA, as well as making sure that all your documentation is in order. Our customers know that when they choose us, all the administrative paperwork is being dealt with, and at the end of the process, they will have a vehicle registration plate they can drive away and use legally.


Low Prices

There’s a reason why chose the name “Discount Registrations:” we wanted to make buying personalised registration plates cheaper and more affordable to everyone. You'll find millions of cheap plates in our database, many of which you can buy for less than a train ticket. Yes, we do still cater to the premium plate market - if that’s what you’re looking for - but our policies and prices mean that more people than ever before can get a personalised registration plate and make their vehicle unique.

Our philosophy is to make the buying process easy with no jargon. With us, you’ll get practical, honest advice and low prices.