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Prefix number plates were introduced in the UK in 1983 as a new way to signify the year in which a vehicle was manufactured. The way the prefix system worked was simple: from 1983 until 2001, the first letter of the registration plate would indicate the year in which a vehicle was made.

As the years passed between 1983 and 2001, the letters changed according to the alphabet. So a car made in 1983 would have the prefix “A,” one made in 1984 would have the prefix “B” and so on until the system ended in 2001 with the letter “Y.”

But a prefix number plate was not just a plate with a letter at the beginning: those had been around since the first dateless number plates were issued in 1903. Prefix number plates also followed rules for what could come after the prefix: this is what ultimately denoted them as a prefix number plate and not something else.

Prefix number plates took the following form: a single letter followed by one, two or three numbers, followed by a further three letters.

Take a look at these examples:

 *   A1 BCD
 *   B22 MHP
 *   N919 OOK


The UK authorities decided to introduce the new numbering style because of the increasing number of vehicles on the road. There was a need to invent a sustainable naming system that would both indicate the year of manufacture for a car while at the same time making enough letter and number combinations available to enable everyone to have a unique plate.

But this isn’t the only benefit that came from the new naming convention. The prefix style also opened up a world of opportunities for people who wanted to create interesting and unique personalised registration plates: a process that is still ongoing today.


Prefix Number Plates Are Popular

Prefix number plates are enormously popular, thanks to their sequence of letters and numbers. Numbers and letters in the correct sequence can spell out all kinds of words, from people’s names to their occupations, hobbies and favourite animals. At Discount Registrations, we offer a spectacular range of prefix number plates, enabling you to create practically any private reg plate that you desire.

Prefix number plates can be used to create names. For instance: B410 NEY for the name Briony.

Prefix number plates can also be used for show off your love of animals — for instance, A714 MAL.

Finally, they’re also great for telling people about your occupation — for example, L4 WYR.


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