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Dateless number plates are those that do not tell other motorists about the year in which a vehicle was built. With a dateless private reg plate, nobody needs to know when your car was manufactured or how old it is. Your vehicle will look forever young - well, from a number plate perspective.

Local licensing authorities introduced the dateless number plate style in 1903. Dateless license plates were ubiquitous in the UK until the introduction of the suffix system in 1963. However, because there were fewer vehicles on the road before the 1960s, the number of dateless number plates issued was few. After 1963, DVLA offices in Britain began issuing cars with number plates that revealed the year of their manufacture, immediately telling other motorists the age of other vehicles on the road.

The good news is that dateless number plates are still available. Although numbering conventions changed, the DVLA still permits - even encourages - motorists to choose number plates which do not say anything about the origins of a particular car. With a dateless number plate, you can finally hide the age of your vehicle, leaving other people wondering when it was made.


What Dateless Number Plates Can You Choose?

Because a dateless number plate is just a number plate that does not reveal any information about the year in which a car was made, practically all personalised number plates in the UK are dateless. Dateless number plates afford you a vast choice of possible messages, allowing you to say something unique while at the same time hiding the age of your vehicle.

There are dozens of examples of dateless number plates from which to choose.

If your name is John, you could, for instance, choose a number plate like “JON 9” or “469 JON” - neither of which reveal any information about the age of your vehicle.

Likewise, if you work as a lawyer, you could choose a number place like “LAW 5” or “JE55 LAW.” Again, neither of these plates say anything about the year in which your vehicle was manufactured.


How Much Are Dateless Registration Plates Worth?

How much a dateless registration plate is worth depends on demand. Dateless registration plates that feature three-letter names, like “MEL,” “SUE,” or “JON,” tend to fetch a premium and retain their value. People want dateless registration plates that contain their names. Many dateless registration plates with sought-after names sell for more than £1000.

There’s another reason why dateless registration plates are so valuable: they’re old. The DVLA officially stopped placing dateless registrations on cars after 1963, meaning that they are much more desirable than standard plates.


What Format Do Dateless Number Plates Take?

Dateless number plates take several formats. They can either start with a single letter, followed by up to four numbers. For example, A 1234. Or they can start with three letters followed by up to three numbers, so ABC 123.


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